Hope in Christ
Its seems a major focus in our lives according to the bible should be cultivating a deep, unwavering, HOPE in the promises of Jesus Christ, in the person of Christ, in the truth of Christ. Wow, how can we begin to look at what this means?

Who: Jesus Christ. The Son of Man. Son of David. Lamb of God. Light of the World. The first born of every creature.The Son of the blessed. The everlasting God. The mighty God. God my savior. The God of all the Earth. Emanuel, God with us. The King. Jehovah my God. The strong and mighty Jehovah. The Lord of Righteousness. I am. The upholder of all things. The beginning and the end. The alpha and the Omega. The first and the last. The Life. The Word. My Messenger. The Prophet of Nazareth. The servant O Israel. Messiah called Christ. Anointed. The Lords Christ. The bridegroom. The Great Shepherd. The root of Jesse. The Vine. The righteous branch. The tree of life. The bread of God. The Lily of the Valley. The Light. The morning star. The strength to the children of Israel. The strength to the poor. A refuge in the storm. The Rock. A shadow from the heat. The builder. A sure foundation. A living stone. The offering. The advocate. The High Priest. The Gift of God. The salvation of God. The redeemer. The peacemaker. The Truth. The faithful witness. The Amen. The Just One. Holy, Holy, Holy. The last Adam. A commander. A leader. The Captain of Salvation. King of Kings. Lord of Lords. The Prince of Life. The HOPE of His people.

What: What is hope? Definition: an expectation or desire for a certain thing to happen. A feeling of trust. A feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best.
Why: When we say we hope in Christ, we are saying that we believe that Jesus Christ died to save the ungodly ā€“ You, Me ā€“ and the soul purpose for that, is that we might not receive the wrath of God, which all of us deserve, as we fall short of the glory of God as long as we have breath. The purpose of His death was to erase the debt of our lives to God, and replace that debt with an eternity of being in the presence of God. In that, we have put all of our HOPE in Christ, the Son of Man. The HOPE in Christ is that His peace that passes understanding will be glorified in our lives as long as we are on Earth awaiting being reunited with the King. Our HOPE in Christ is that this life that is dead to sin, dead in its trespasses, is not for us, but the life that Christ residing in us reveals, is the will of God, bringing glory to Him at our expense, which in turn is not an expense at all but an honor, a gift of mercy and grace from which we reap the blessings of His pure and perfect love.

When: Now, of course. The beauty of God is that is that He does not withhold His love from us. Ever. It is unfathomable. When we doubt or are anxious, he lovingly extends his hands, not to pull us out to avoid the pain, but to walk us through the pain with a strong and mighty grip. That we might be blessed that he is with us in our times of need. That we might share the truth of His love with others as they are depressed or lonely or feeling worthless, or let down, or forgotten. Right now is the time to turn to Christ for help with your fears, for guidance with your confusion, for compassion with your pain. Right now is the time to stop putting your hope in yourself or in karma, and put your hope in Christ that you would be welcomed in to His glory to experience the most perfect and true act of Love. To experience the effects of sacrifice and the submission of God to his people for his people. Now is the time to turn over your attempt at controlling more and more only to feel emotionally drained, spiritually empty and physically weak. Now is the time to soak in the Help that God has gifted all of us, that for some crazy reason we all are in need of.

Where: The Bible. A friend who knows Jesus. A church. A church family. A trusted Christian website to point you to Jesus. Celebrate Recovery. Worship music. Regeneration. ReEngage.

Please share this with a friend in need if anyone comes to mind!!


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