Weakness, whilst not wearing a bra.

Woke up this morning, to this insane person in my home. Ya. She was yelling at my kids, of which, one of them was stomping around the house saying he was never going to school again. She was yelling about how the other one didn’t unpack their lunch from yesterday and the sandwich had rotted and smelled up the lunch box, so the lunch for today would now smell like rotten yesterday lunch. 2 of my kids got in the car to go to school while this lady stayed behind screaming for my other kid to “get her freaking shoes on!” Asking why shes never ready. As if every day, is this 10 year olds, first ever experience with getting dressed, eating food, or participating in this bazillion year old mystery of the indefinite, continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole, also known as TIME, which is measured by…..a clock, TO HELP GET TO WHERE WE NEED TO BE ON….TIME!
Eventually, they all ended up in the car and man did they drive off quickly! I assumed they made it safely to school.

I’m pretty sure the crazy lady wasn’t wearing a bra.

Okay, okay the crazy lady is me. She’s you. She’s probably all of us at one point or another if we are honest.

Sometimes Im able to acknowledge and address my more embarrassing moments, If I pretend like I was watching someone else behave like me… weird I know.

But we all have moments of weakness that tempt us to be short, quick tempered, angry, impatient when the schedule is running behind.

Its crucial that we never stop being intentional about responding well in these weak moments. Crucial.

How can we do a little spiritual inventory to shine light on these moments?

Just for today:
1. Identify the time of day or circumstances where you notice you are weak to be triggered into your weakness. My weakness tempts me to yell, be sarcastic, and impatient.
2. confess and share your weaknesses to close friends so they can check in with you on how you are doing with yielding to the Spirit in those areas moving forward.
3. Confess to God, asking for forgiveness for your oversight in these areas. Ask Him to guide you in a response that honors Him going forward, and to help you quench the desire to blame and humiliate others, when you are feeling things are out of order or your control. Ask Him to give you wisdom, when the schedule doesnt go as planned.
4. Ask for forgiveness from your children. (Or whoever you’ve dumped your bucket of verbal vomit on ) Share scripture with them that supports why you are asking for forgiveness, as well as scripture that supports your desire to behave differently. Yes, even do it with your friends, family, coworkers, etc.

Verse to meditate on when your tongue gets the best of you
Proverbs 17:27 says “The one who has knowledge uses words with restraint, and whoever has understanding, is even tempered.”

Can we take today, and even if it’s just for today, and acknowledge that being quiet and having restraint is a virtue? Its womanly. Its manly. Can we, even just for today, in our moments of weakness or temptation to anger or frustration, be quiet for one minute to ask God what He wants us to say or not to say, before we say it?

Yes, yes we can.

Nobody wants to have to say, I forgot my bra because I was too busy screaming about moldy lunches and the concept of time, with my children who are all under 12. Nobody.


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