Election Time = Lame

Elections are upon us. People are at each others throats. There is fear. There is anxiety. There is doubt. There is anger. There is division. There are sides to pick. There are things to stand for. There are things to stand against. There is ignorance. There is passion. There are stickers and signs. There are billboards and commercials. There are rallies and marches. There are phone calls and flyers. There are texts and T-shirts. There are Instagram posts and Facebook groups.

I literally have no idea what is real anymore. But apparently everyone else is EXTREMELY confident in what they perceive is reality. Everyone appears to be very confident in their knowledge that their vote will make all the difference, and if we can just change these few things, or maintain these other things, and if we can get enough people to agree with us and we all vote the same way, THEN everything will be ……

What? Then everything will be what? That is my question. The answer certainly isn’t, then everything will be better. I think actual answer is everything will be … the exact same. I think we are a highly distracted people right now.

As Christians our hope can not be in the result of a vote. Yes, we vote, but our hope is not in our government. Therefore our despair is also not in our government. Our hope is in the end result of what Christ did on the cross. The result of Christ’s death is eternal victory. Let that sink in for a minute. We walk around talking about how outrageous it is that the President, fill in the blank. We walk around talking about how outrageous the Democratic or Republican party is. You want to know what is outrageous? Millions of Christians have not shared with anyone, their testimony about how Christ radically changed their lives. Keeping the power of Christ a literal secret. You want to know what is outrageous? Millions of Christians in America did not sit down with their kids today to read their Bibles with them, before sending them off into our culture for the day. You want to talk about outrageous? Millions of Christians are not meeting regularly outside of church to check in with each other on real life struggles like pornography and gambling and addiction and unforgiveness and infertility and loneliness and depression and biblical parenting and death and cancer and all the other life things that are actually effecting our daily everything. Millions of Christian American parents did not sit with their kids today and pray that God would guide their choices,  before they went to school and work. I specify American because we live in a country where we are free to do these things with our kids, and we take FULL ADVANTAGE of that freedom, by ignoring it and treating it as if its the same choice as making it a combo at Mc Donald’s, ” You wanna Bible with your day today? Nah… I’m good!” And guess what? I am one of them.  Are we so numb and so distracted that we don’t even flinch at this? Are we so blinded by what WE are doing, and what is on OUR schedule that we don’t even notice that we have abandoned the relationship part of our faith? Am I so self absorbed that I reserve the “act” of reading my bible for Sunday church? Yes. The answer is yes. Ugh. Why am I so lame? Why are we all so lame? If you are thinking “I’m not lame, she’s lame.” Well you’re wrong, you really are lame. Welcome, glad to have you. Don’t worry, you’ll be ok. So why are we so lame?

Because sin. I will never overcome it. We will never overcome it guys. Our own depravity  and refusal to allow Christ to be the entire center of our whole lives, will destroy us if we are not intentional about relationships. It will. Destroy us. We have to get off the roller coaster. Paul writes to the church in Corinth, who is struggling with many of the same issues our culture struggles with today, saying “knowledge puffs up, but love builds up.” Such a simple statement. We have to get back on board with this. Like immediately. Stop talking about politics. Go vote, let’s get our stupid vote sticker and zip it. Like arguing with people about their views literally has absolutely no eternal value at all. We have to be relationally focused guys. (relationally? is that even a word?I don’t think it is, but you know what I’m saying.) We have to start to encourage each other to read our bibles again. We have to call each other and ask each other about what we are reading in our bibles and what we are learning about God. We have to. We have to act as if our lives depend on it, but act like it every day. We have to invite our neighbors over for dinner and ask how their moms are doing. We have to make stupid jokes in elevators with strangers to get that one laugh out before continuing on our path to wherever. We have to return shopping carts on purpose for people for no reason. We have to. We have to ask our waitresses if they need prayer for anything before we pray for our own meals, guys.

We dont want to have a right or left wing agenda. We do have a faith agenda, and that is and should always be, to love the crap out of each other in the name of Christ. Like extreme, out of control loving. Not the way we think somebody needs to be loved, but the way Christ loves. Not all judgey and weird, and only if they agree with you on stuff, just plain old unjustified, undeserved love.

So go on Christian, go love the crap out of everyone today. I dare you.



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